The feelSpace Navigation Belt

Extent your senses by a sense of direction. With the navigation belt you feel directions and routes.

Follow Your Gut Feeling

The vibrotactile feelSpace navigation belt lets you feel where you should go. Orienting and navigating has never been so easy before. Just put the belt on, tell our feelSpace smartphone app where you want to go and you will receive navigation information straight on the skin. Vibrating elements signal the direction to your destination, as intuitive and simple as it gets. Put your smartphone away and get going! Just follow your gut feeling. What is your favorite navigation mode? The navigation belt has three different functionalities. If you want to get to your destination as fast, safe and effortless as possible, choose the routing function. The tactile signal will always point in the direction you should walk or bike to. Or do you want to explore a new city but be sure you don’t loose the way to a certain landmark? Beeline signals “connect” you with any location you so choose. The main station? No problem. The parking lot with your car? Easy. Enjoy the cityscape and always find your way. The third function, compass, is for those with a sense of adventure: Research has shown that training with a tactile compass belt over a certain time period gives you a never before experienced sense of direction and spatial understanding. Some even say you can learn an entirely new sense! How does it feel for you?

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For Bikers

Picture of a biker with the feelSpace navigation belt.

Whether you bike for a hobby or commute to work every day- everyone has felt frustrated with their navigation devices at some point or another. Sunshine makes reading off the display virtually impossible. Rain, even if it is light, renders the smartphone display useless. If you are using the speaker to receive directions, a metallic voice squeaks through the beautiful landscape. Headphones are not safe to use in traffic.
The navigation belt solves all these problems: You will always know where to go. The directional signal around your waist points you into the right direction- no attention required. No need to stop to look at a map or your phone. Your hands stay at the handlebar, the eyes on the street.

For Globetrotters

Picture of tourists with the feelSpace navigation belt

Everyone who enjoys traveling, exploring a new city or hiking in beautiful nature has lost their way at one point or another. Where was the hotel? How do I get out of this forest? Where did I park the car? Instead of taking out your smartphone and fumbling with the display, or using an old-fashioned map that you have to turn several times before you know where up and down should be- why not just take it easy? The navigation belt lets you feel where you have to go- intuitive, relaxed, safe. Wherever you are- the belt takes you to where you want to go. Easy and happy.

For Special Needs

Pictue of two blind people with the feelSpace navigation belt.

Do you suffer from a visual impairment, low sense of orientation or any other condition that makes navigation a hassle? Please don't stay home just because "getting there" seems so difficult. The feelSpace navigation belt will guide you from A to B while your hands, eyes and ears remain free to explore the environment or monitor the traffic. You will feel safe, independent and self-sufficient. The belt can give you the courage to re-discover your curiosity and interests. You can wear it underneath your clothes as a quiet, dependable companion. Wherever you go- you won't get lost.

Here is a picture illustrating the functioning of the feelspace navigation belt. Depending on the size of your screen you find a description of the functioning either on the right or below.

   This is how it works:

1. Put the belt on.
2. Tell the feelSpace App where you want to go.
3. The App calculates the shortest way.
4. Vibration starts!
5. Follow the signal.
6. A special pattern indicates that you have reached your destination.


Navigation that you feel

Tell your smartphone where you want to go - and the belt will show you the way. No need to carry maps or try to interpret the street layout, no need for frantic memorization of street signs, no need for checking your smartphone every five seconds if you are still headed in the right direction. Put your phone into your pocket and leave it there - or have a relaxed conversation on the way. Just feel the vibration and follow your gut feeling.

Orientation Safety

Safely from A to B - in the bustling city center, in rural locations, in known and unknown environments. In foreign countries, even if you can't read the street sign. Your navigation belt takes you anywhere. Arrive stress-free, relaxed and safely!

Intuitive Operation

Map reading can be quite complicated - the navigation belt is quite simple. Just put it on, feel the signal, and you instantly know where to go. You don't even need to know left from right or North from East. Getting to your destination can really be that effortless.

Icon for 136° coverage

360 degree

Want to know what is where around you? Where the next buss top is, the bakery or your favorite coffee-shop? The station, the dentist, the apartment of your best friend? Or maybe you are interested in which direction Berlin, London, Paris are located? The navigation belt gives you a never-before felt access to the space around you.

Relieve your senses

Finding the right way can be a challenge. With the navigation belt, you just trust your gut for orientation - your ears and eyes are free to experience the rest of the environment. You can easily watch traffic, engage in an ongoing conversation, avoid bumping into other pedestrians, or enjoy a beautiful landscape while you walk.

High Wearing Comfort

The navigation belt is made from top-quality, breathable materials. It perfectly integrates into your everyday activities - no extra sweating, no discomfort of wearing. The slim belt can be worn for several hours and even days on end (as proven by our scientific subjects). It can even be hidden from view underneath a sweater or a jacket, if you so wish.

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